Types of Dubai Residence Visa: Eligibility, Benefits & Duration

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Types of Dubai Residence Visa


Dubai’s booming economy and bright prospects draw people worldwide who seek residency in this lively city. Knowing the types of residence visas available is vital for those eager to join Dubai’s diverse community. In this guide, we’ll cover all the different types of Residence Visa, and how to get Dubai residence visa by looking at their benefits, their sponsorship and requirements.

Types of Dubai Residence Visa

1. UAE Golden Visa

One of the most popular types of Dubai Residence Visa is the UAE’s Golden Visa. It is a long-term visa offered to investors, entrepreneurs, and outstanding individuals. It encourages them to live, work, or study in the UAE. It offers exclusive benefits, including extended validity periods and the ability to sponsor family members.


  • Entry visa for six months with multiple entries to proceed with residence issuance.
  • Long-term, renewable residence visa valid for 5 or 10 years.
  • No requirement for a sponsor.
  • Flexibility to stay outside the UAE for extended periods to maintain visa validity.
  • Ability to sponsor family members, including spouses, children, and domestic helpers.
  • Permit for family members to stay in the UAE until the end of their permit duration if the primary visa holder passes away.

Sponsorship and Requirements

The key feature of the Golden Visa is that you can reside in UAE without the need of a sponsor. Although there are different requirements for different categories, let’s look at each briefly:

  • Investors in Public Investments
    • Requirements: Investment in an accredited UAE investment fund or ownership of a commercial or industrial license with a deposit of AED two million or more.
    • Medical insurance coverage is required.
  • Real Estate Investors
    • Requirements: Ownership of properties valued at AED two million or more, verified by a letter from the land department.
    • Purchase of property with a loan from specific local banks approved by the competent local entity.
  • Entrepreneurs
    • Requirements: Ownership of an economic project based on risk and innovation with a project value of at least AED 500,000.
    • Approval letters from an auditor, relevant authorities, and an accredited business incubator in the UAE.
  • Outstanding Specialized Talents
    • Talents include a lot of different fields like doctors, scientists, inventors, executives, athletes, and specialists in engineering and science. Their requirements depend on the field they belong to.
    • Approval letters from relevant authorities or organizations in the UAE.
  • Outstanding Students
    • Requirements vary for high school and university students, including recommendation letters from the Ministry of Education and specific GPA criteria.
  • Pioneers of Humanitarian Work
    • Requirements: Individuals with significant contributions to humanitarian work, including employees of international organizations or recipients of humanitarian awards.
    • Funders of humanitarian work must provide support valued at least AED two million.
  • Frontline Heroes
    • Requirements: Recognition from a competent authority for extraordinary efforts during crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

UAE Company Investor Visa

Investors aiming to establish businesses or invest in existing ventures in the UAE can apply for the Company Investor Visa. This visa category facilitates foreign investment in the Emirates, fostering economic growth and diversification.


  • Investors gain ownership stakes in their ventures and maintain control over business operations.
  • This visa provides long-term residency for business owners, offering stability and security in the UAE.
  • Investors gain access to a vibrant business ecosystem, including networking opportunities, market insights, and potential partnerships.
  • The UAE offers favorable tax policies, providing investors with opportunities for tax optimization and increased profitability.
  • The UAE serves as a strategic gateway to the broader Middle East region, offering access to a market of over 1 billion consumers.
  • Investors can choose from a range of industries and sectors to invest in, including real estate, technology, healthcare, and hospitality.

Sponsorship and Requirements

  • Investors must be sponsored by their business entities or partners in the UAE.
  • Applicants need to demonstrate sufficient investment capital as per the regulations set by UAE authorities.
  • A comprehensive business plan outlining the investment strategy, market analysis, and financial projections is required.
  • Investors must ensure compliance with UAE laws and regulations governing business activities and investments.

UAE Retirement Visa

One of the types of residence visa in Dubai is the UAE Retirement Visa. For individuals over 55 looking to retire in Dubai, the retirement visa offers a pathway to residency and a fulfilling lifestyle. With a validity of 5 years and the option for renewal, retirees can enjoy their golden years in Dubai’s vibrant environment.

Benefits of UAE Retirement Visa

  • Opportunity to enjoy a tax-free retirement income in Dubai.
  • Access to high-quality healthcare and other recreational activities.
  • Availability of leisure activities, cultural events, and recreational facilities.
  • Multicultural environment with a diverse expatriate community.
  • Ability to sponsor family members and enjoy family reunification.

Sponsorship and Requirements

  • Sponsored by the retiree or a sponsoring family member.
  • Requirements include proof of pension, savings, or real estate ownership in Dubai.
  • Applicants must undergo a medical examination and obtain health insurance coverage.

UAE Employment Visa

One of the most known types of residence visa in Dubai is the Employment Visa. Sponsored by employers, foreign nationals can legally live and work in Dubai, contributing to the city’s diverse workforce. Valid for 2 years, the employment visa offers individuals the opportunity to pursue a career in Dubai with ease.

Benefits of UAE Employment Visa

  • Legal authorization to live and work in Dubai.
  • Access to employment opportunities
  • Competitive salaries and tax-free income.
  • Many opportunities for professional development.
  • Ability to sponsor family members and enjoy family benefits.

Sponsorship and Requirements

  • Sponsored by the employer or hiring company in Dubai.
  • Requirements include a valid employment contract, medical certificate, and a valid passport.
  • Applicants may need to undergo additional screenings or provide educational qualifications depending on the profession.

UAE Freelance Visa

The UAE Freelance Visa is designed to attract freelancers and independent professionals to the Emirates, offering them the opportunity to live and work in the country independently.


  • Freelancers have the flexibility to work independently and engage in projects across various industries and sectors.
  • The Freelance Visa provides a residency permit, allowing freelancers to legally reside in the UAE while pursuing their independent work.
  • The UAE offers a dynamic business environment with opportunities for networking, collaboration, and business development.
  • Freelancers have the opportunity to generate income based on their skills and expertise, providing financial independence and stability.
  • The UAE offers a high standard of living with modern amenities, cultural attractions, and recreational activities, enhancing the overall quality of life for freelancers.

Sponsorship and Requirements

  • Freelancers typically apply for the Freelance Visa through self-sponsorship, demonstrating their ability to support themselves financially while residing in the UAE.
  • Applicants need to provide a portfolio of work or evidence of their professional experience to demonstrate their eligibility for the Freelance Visa.
  • Freelancers may be required to submit a business plan outlining their proposed freelance activities, target market, and financial projections.
  • Health insurance coverage is often required as part of the visa application process to ensure access to medical care while residing in the UAE.
  • Freelance Visa holders must comply with visa regulations, including maintaining valid residency permits and adhering to any conditions imposed by UAE authorities.

UAE Family Visa

Dubai residents can sponsor their immediate family members through the family visa, one of the types of Dubai Residence Visa that promotes family unity in the city. With requirements based on the sponsor’s income and accommodation, this visa allows spouses, children, and parents to reside in Dubai. The duration of the family visa varies depending on the sponsor’s visa validity, ensuring family members can stay together in Dubai.

Benefits of UAE Family Visa

  • Reunification of families and support networks in Dubai.
  • Availability of international and high-quality education.
  • Availability of healthcare services and amenities for family members.
  • Opportunity for family members to pursue employment or educational opportunities.
  • Eligibility to sponsor extended family members and dependents.

Sponsorship and Requirements

  • Sponsored by the resident family member living in Dubai.
  • Requirements include proof of relationship, accommodation, and sufficient income to support the sponsored family members.
  • Applicants must go through the required medical exam.

5. UAE Specialist Resident Visa

Professionals in specialized fields can apply for the specialist resident visa, which is one of the types of Dubai Residence Visa that recognizes their contributions to the Emirates’ scientific and knowledge sectors. Accredited scientists, researchers, executives, and doctors are eligible for this visa, which offers a 10-year residency period.

Benefits of UAE Specialist Resident Visa

  • Long-term residency for professionals in specialised fields.
  • Your contributions to the Emirates’ scientific and knowledge sectors will be recognized.
  • Have access to state-of-the-art research facilities, academic institutions, and much more.
  • You will get great opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and career advancement.
  • Eligibility to sponsor family members and enjoy family benefits.

Sponsorship and Requirements

  • Sponsored by the employing entity or institution in Dubai.
  • You will need to provide academic qualifications and professional recognition and need to be an employee in certain specialized fields.
  • You also may need to provide evidence of your contributions to the scientific or knowledge sectors.

UAE Student Visa

Foreign students aspiring to pursue education in the UAE can apply for the Student Visa. This visa category enables students to enroll in educational institutions across the Emirates and pursue academic programs ranging from primary education to higher education and vocational training.


  • Students gain access to a diverse range of educational institutions offering high-quality academic programs and world-class facilities.
  • The Student Visa provides a residency permit, allowing students to legally reside in the UAE for the duration of their academic program.
  • Educational institutions in the UAE often provide support services to international students, including academic advising, counselling, and language support.
  • Students have the opportunity to engage in cultural exchange and interact with peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering global understanding and cooperation.
  • Upon completion of their studies, students may have the opportunity to transition to employment in the UAE through post-graduation work permits or other visa pathways.

Sponsorship and Requirements

  • Students must be sponsored by the educational institution where they have been accepted for enrollment.
  • Applicants need to provide a letter of acceptance from the educational institution confirming their admission to a program of study.
  • Students may need to demonstrate sufficient financial resources to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs during their stay in the UAE.
  • Health insurance coverage is often required as part of the visa application process to ensure students have access to medical care while in the UAE.
  • Students must comply with visa regulations, including maintaining full-time enrollment in an accredited educational program and adhering to any visa conditions imposed by UAE authorities.

UAE Domestic Workers Visa

Foreign nationals seeking employment as domestic workers in the UAE can apply for the Domestic Workers Visa. This visa category is designed to regulate the employment of domestic workers and ensure their rights and protections are upheld within the country.


  • Domestic workers obtain legal employment status in the UAE, ensuring their rights are protected under UAE labor laws.
  • The visa provides access to employment opportunities in households across the UAE, offering avenues for income generation and livelihood.
  • Domestic workers receive residency permits, providing stability and security during their employment tenure in the UAE.
  • Depending on the terms of employment, domestic workers may receive benefits such as accommodation, meals, health insurance, and paid leave.
  • Domestic workers have the opportunity to engage in cultural exchange and gain exposure to the diverse customs and traditions of the UAE.

Sponsorship and Requirements

  • Domestic workers must be sponsored by their employers or households in the UAE. Employers are responsible for initiating and overseeing the visa application process.
  • A formal employment contract outlining the terms and conditions of employment, including salary, working hours, duties, and benefits, is required.
  • Applicants may need to undergo medical examinations to ensure they are physically fit for employment.
  • Background checks may be conducted to verify the applicant’s criminal record and ensure compliance with immigration regulations.
  • Employers must obtain approval from relevant authorities, such as the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, for the issuance of the Domestic Workers Visa.
  • Employers and domestic workers must comply with UAE labor laws and regulations governing employment relationships, including wage regulations, working hours, and conditions of work.


There are many types of residence visa in Dubai tailored to investors, retirees, employees, and families. Whether aiming for stability, career growth, or family reunification, Dubai has a residency option for all.

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