October 2023

Aldar make debut in dubai real estate market

Abu Dhabi’s Biggest Developer Aldar Finally Make Debut in Dubai Real Estate Market

Are you curious about the big real estate news in the UAE? Well, here's the scoop: Aldar Properties, one of Abu Dhabi's top real estate developers, is now making its debut in the bustling Dubai property market. This remarkable move comes through a solid partnership with Dubai Holding, a major global investment company with a staggering AED 130 billion in assets. Together, they're planning to create fresh...

How technology has changed the real estate industry in Dubai?

Dubai's real estate market has seen remarkable changes in the last decade. Thanks to technology, the way people buy and sell homes in this city was changing in amazing ways. Imagine a world where finding your dream home became easier and more exciting. That's the magic of technology in the real estate world of Dubai. Let's take a trip through the city's sandy streets and vibrant real estate scene to...

Freehold Vs Leasehold Properties

Freehold vs Leasehold Properties- Which Is Right for You?

If you're thinking about buying a place to call your own, then you've probably come across these terms: "freehold" and "leasehold." But what do they really mean, and which one should you go for? Well, we are here to break it down for you; there is no fancy real estate jargon involved. Think of this as your friendly guide to understanding property ownership. And hey, we will even throw in some information...

dubai real estate laws and regulations

Dubai Real Estate Laws and Regulations 2023, United Arab Emirates

Dubai's like this incredible city in the United Arab Emirates that's known for being super fancy and full of life. But here's the kicker, it's not just about the glitz and glamor; Dubai's real estate scene is seriously something else. You've got to see it to believe it—towering skyscrapers, like the famous Burj Khalifa, seem to pop up out of nowhere. They're always pushing the limits when it comes to...

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