How to register DEWA online.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can register for DEWA online when moving to a new rental property.

Start by searching for DEWA registration online in Google and click on the link as shown above,

Now, click on the menu option which is given on the top left corner of the DEWA website.

Under the Consumer column-> Supply Management-> Click on Activation of Electricity/Water (Move-in).

Now, once the window opens click on New in Dubai.

Make selection on the window that opens up, select Consumer Type _ Expatriate, Account Type_Owner/Tenant, Property Type_Title Deed, Title Deed_0, No. of Room(s)_(Number) from the drop down menu and at last enter the premises number and press the Continue button and wait for the Activation of Electricity and Water(Move-in) Services window loads up.

Now, from the Activation of Electricity and Water(Move-in) Service page enter the Emirates ID Type, ID Number, Mobile Number, Email ID. and then scroll down.

Type in Address, finally upload your Emirates ID and click continue to wait for the Create Account window to load.

Now, Enter your Username, Password, Confirm password and agree terms then click Continue to reveal the payment page.

In the payment window it shows the payment details and check in the terms and

conditions and select Pay.

this will redirect you the payment gateway from that select credit card and type an email id and mobile number then enter, credit card details, cvv and click Pay.

Now, Type in the OTP received in your registers mobile and click Submit.

Once payment is complete rate your experience and click finish.

Finally to save the payment slip click on the Print this page option, select save as pdf

and choose the location for saving the file.

(Disclaimer: All Informations given are subjected to period. All the Details given can be changed or updated by the will of Government.)

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