About Us

Milestone Homes Real Estate - Pioneer at Easing Your Endeavors in Finding Opulent Homes

The Milestone Homes Real Estate is a realty organization based in Dubai, which is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The name ‘Mile Stone’ signifies ‘Gold’ and ‘Re’ signifies ‘Realty’ which suggests that the team are aiming to provide Gold-Class Services/ high-end services to their clients at fairish price, with ages of experience they have learnt overtime that the clients deserve high-esteemed services beside catering to their needs. They are a team of specialists dealing with realty deals, the intent of unveiling this brand is to assure a sense of trust and confidence in the global audience, also to make the world know that Dubai possesses a grand potential in the global arena.

Milestone Homes Real Estate Services

  • » To help you in legalities, investment opportunities and in the process of relocation to Dubai.
  • » To help you in finding the best mortgage schemes in Dubai.
  • » To help you in selling/renting properties according to the client’s needs in Dubai.
  • » To help you in indicating premium high-value properties for premium clients in Dubai.
  • » To help you in providing a membership for VIP Club, this includes certain members/clients.

Milestone Homes Real Estate Values

  • Integrity– We at all times will provide you with fair, carefully weighed proposals. Our team assures you that you are in the genuine perspective to arrive at prime options.
  • Proficiency– Grand realty is our aim and it calls for our rivet, we endeavour to provide a high-end personalized service, whether you are a marketer or a buyer.
  • Expertise– Besides integrity and proficiency, expertise is what makes Milestone Homes Real Estate a high-esteemed unit. Profundity in cognition and with an insight of chances, we are your property consultants.
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